Friday, 29 May 2015

12th sem 4 results

(((Paa classes for computer subjects only is celebrating 16 th yrs of successful results)))
##12th sem 4 result highlights##
1)100% result of class.
-Computer's board result is 98.56%

2)class highest is (98/100) marks.
(Patel maunish,soni kedar,shah mansvi,Patel rutul and shah rajveer) have scored (98/100.)

3)among (619 )student of. ( 4th sem.)
-(21 )students have scored (95+)
-(73 )students have scored between (90 to 94)
-(217)students have scored between (80 to 89)
-(53)students have scored between (75 to 79)

4)for 11th and 12th science stream students ,difficult to spare time for computer subject,but we assure and we r committed that u only attend our class , don't do any computer related work at ur home,and build ur result.

5)Thnx to all who believe in me and my work?????


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